Back in 2015, when we started selling school hair accessories, we realised quickly how many different shades and colour combinations there are across the UK. 
Over the years we have invested time and resources into helping you find the colour match to your school uniform. 

There is not one 'Royal Blue' school cardigan or one 'Bottle Green' jumper across all schools that are the same shade. This is why we offer our Free ribbon sample service. This allows you to find the exact or closest match to your school uniform. 

We take the colour of our bows from our ribbon colour charts, the colours of bows are listed to match our colour chart. Grosgrain, gingham and satin are all different materials and will not match with each other across all bows or accessories.

We offer 4 different shades of 'Bottle Green' on our grosgrain ribbon chart this could be either Forest Green, Hunter Green, Spruce or Emerald green, all 4 ribbon colours can be classed as Bottle green but if we were to list just one of these shades as bottle green, you would be disappointed to find that the colour would not match your school uniform.

The same applies to all the colours we offer in our School range, we offer 3 different shades of purple, 3 different shades of Royal blue and 3 different shades of Jade Green, this is why we will advise you to order a free ribbon sample before ordering.

We take the time to research school uniform and continue to expand our range of colours to help you find that match you need. 






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